Be My Valentine

I spent the night at Emily’s last night. She woke up earlier than me and did a few things.

  • Made cinnamon rolls
  • Went to my house, got my sheet, pillow cases and blankets
  • Took them back to her house
  • Washed them
  • Took them back to my house
  • Left some treats to help me feel better on my desk (all my favorites):
    • Mango Tango
    • Chocolate Silk
    • My second favorite BBQ chips*
    • A handmade valentine
    • A handmade Spider-Man pillow with a red fuzzy cover
  • Came back to her house and woke me up with cinnamon rolls in bed

That girl knows how to wake up early. Sheesh.

I’m not going to recount the contents of valentine. Needless to say, though, it was precious and sweet. And she glued candy hearts on the inside of the card as part of the text. Oh, and the cover was written in glitter, because who doesn’t love some sparkles? That Emily is a pretty good one.

be my valentine in sparklesInside of 2008 Valentine from Emily with the text blurred outback of the valentine

* – My favorite can only be found in a few midwest states. BBQ Krunchers.

Thanks Lumox