Vertically Integrated

Yesterday, sucked a lot. I mean a lot A LOT. More on that later. The one funny moment, though, was when we were at the American Apparel store in the U. District (in Seattle).

The hipster turd that was working the store then was explaining to us the shrinking that happens in some shirts. They shrink upwards, but not inwards. Ok. “Why is that?” I ask. “Oh, because they’re laid out vertically.” He should’ve stopped here, but no… “Because they’re vertically integrated.”

Emily and I both had to bite our lip to not laugh at the bullshit that this schmuck was spitting at us. Vertically Integrated… good one.

Just to clear things up. American Apparel is vertically integrated and their shirts do shrink (a little) upwards not inwards, but those aren’t the same thing.

Vertically Integrated