i must’ve seen a thousand faces

sxsw interactive is over now. it was awesome and exhausting, like these things always are. just quickly, here are a handful of quotes i heard during the past week.

slow and steady wins the race.
crashing and dead equals dead.

i like to make new mistakes, not repeat the mistakes my peers have made.
Dylan Schiemann

working at google seemed less like an interesting opportunity …and more of a clusterfuck.
Joshua Schachte

you know what you like; there’s nothing wrong with that.

you hear 37 signals talk about small teams. well, it doesn’t get smaller than an husband and wife in a bedroom.
mena trott

do our assumptions match your research?
the design fab five
craig newmark

these are all the best that i could write them down after hearing them in the panel. so we’ll call these paraphrases, but they are pretty damn close.

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