james is the cutest ever

James Miska : Live at Boing 9.9.2006

On Sept 9, 2005 Boing! had a little house show. Some friends playing acousticy music with some clap-a-longs, tambourines, shared drums, et al. Lots of laughter. Lots of fun. My friend, Steff, brought her sweet little DV cam for me to record the show. Let me tell you, the sound quality is suh weet. This is me sharing with you my dear friend James’ music with you. Download it freely. Share it to your heart’s content. Two points of order: 1) the files are .AACs which means you’ll have the best luck listening to them in iTunes (free download) and 2) all the songs titles were made up by me, not james, mainly based on some lyric from each song.

And as a bonus, here’s about half or so of Josh’s last song called Jim Crowe Was a Homophobe.