link log 11.05.2004

these are for my own benefit as much as they are for anyone else. enjoy.

bin laden video transcript
more poetic and articulate than most people give credit for.
get some, fuckers!
civillian video footage of american soldiers fighting near the american consulate.
everyone has had more sex than me
new link for the cartoon music video starring a bunny with issues. since old one got borked.
straightedge documentary by bbc radio at
found this thanks to GtmcKnight who makes awesome buttons, but apparently can’t have fun sober.
global guerillas
John Robb’s Weblog where terrorism, technology, and market analytics intersect. really great forward thinking stuff. he’s writing a book, too. bonus.
UK paper after election
for those that care. [i think the number should be twice that much]
sean and ryan’s blog
high school friends
new america
red == bush, blue == kerry, purple == mixed. counties / states are weighted based on their electoral size.
canada 2.0
i’ve seen other ‘new america’ maps, but this is my favourite. by mena from six apart.
how the presidential ‘race’ went down
in chart form
download it here. it’s what i use for making thumbnail images.

for the roomie’s fraud 2004 link list

for the roomies about voting machines
add this to your repository of voting fraud docs.
and another
about voter machine hacking.
slashdot posting
it has lots of election fraud links. some are already on the list.